A Love Revolution in India

A huge “Thank you!” for your support of my mission to India. This opportunity to share Jesus’ Commandment exceeded my expectation in every way! I ministered in an urban setting through Chai 3:16 in Bangalore and in seminars for Serve India Ministries (SIM)—an organization that has targets the 638,000 villages in which 72% for the population of India live.

While there are over 6000 pastors in the SIM network, I taught a select group of leading pastors and trainers—half of them in the southern city of Coimbatore and half of them in the northern city of Delhi. They admitted that they were not excited about coming to training on “love” but by the time each seminar ended, they were so excited, exclaiming that this teaching about Jesus’ Commandment was new to them!


I was able to hear the personal stories of 20 pastors—many from Hindu backgrounds. Almost all of them shared accounts of miracles that brought them to faith in Jesus. They also told stories of how God had used physical healing of villagers to open the door for them to bring Jesus to very hostile hamlets. It’s like the book of ACTS is continuing to be written through the faithfulness of God and these humble servants.

Enjoy the pictures that follow my three weeks in this country of 1.34 billion people!