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Gaylord Enns in 2003 to facilitate ministry to pastors and next-generation leaders. While at first he served pastors around the world, in 2006 his ministry focused narrowed dramatically to serve pastors in his home town of Chico, a city of 100,000 people in northern California. Servant Leadership Network is a ministry under City Light of Chico.

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His ministry to pastors is built around passing on to his younger peers and next-generation pastors the lessons he has learned in 40 years of full time Christian ministry. He also called them to recognized that they designed to be an interdependent part of the church in their city.

Ministry to congregations includes enlisting them to pray for their pastors, leaders and for the unity between the congregations that are expressions of the church of Jesus Christ in their city.

He also calls Christians to personally discover and recover the core commandments of authentic discipleship. He asked that they deliberately chose to be part of a love revolution, movement devoted to allegiance to Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of the Christian Faith. His focus in on restoring Jesus' Commandment given in His last discourse when He announced the New Covenant.

Gaylord has a long history of working with other leaders in strengthening the unity of pastors and congregations within a city. He believes that unity is maintained when leaders unite around the core commandments of Christian discipleship—faith in Jesus Christ and love for one another.

With one in every one hundred people in the United States in jail or prison, Gaylord is drawn communicate the love of God as a Father the fatherless. Recognizing that most of those in prison feel fatherless, he desires to communicate God's love to men and women in this system.

Gaylord desires to work with organizations that lead the Christian church to see the command that Jesus' Commandment restored to our expressions of orthodoxy. This includes teaching existing and future leaders the significance of the New Commandment Jesus introduced with the New Covenant.

Research & Education
Gaylord is engaged in ongoing the research of church history and the present status of the Christian Faith as it relates to the Command of Jesus.

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