Seminar follow-up + roadmap for pastors and leaders

In addition to their recent Malaysia mission, Gaylord and Patti presented seven Love Revolution Now seminars last year—3-day intensive workshops exploring how to apply Jesus’ command to love one another. We are now working with pastors to develop a Love Revolution roadmap for congregations to use to increase engagement in the crucial months following a seminar.

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Launch Love Revolution Small Groups

Weekly/monthly groups where local leaders can disciple people directly through the Love Revolution book and core seminar materials while receiving prayer and support as they grow in obedience to His command.

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Launch Love Revolution Rallies

City-wide cross-denominational gatherings to “spur one another on to love and good deeds.” In a festive and uplifting format, those gathered share and hear testimonies where love conquered apathy and hate plus gain strategies to grow in love.

Reach more people through the web and social media

Growing the Movement through connection and updates of what’s happening through Love Revolution locally and around the world. Nominate a Love Revolutionary in your area and other enhancements/features on the Love Revolution Now website.

Spread the message through wearable / usable products

T-shirts, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, refrigerator magnets, keychains, pins, hats, etc. will serve as a reminder to share and live the Love Revolution Now message in our everyday lives! As the Movement grows this additional revenue stream will help support our outreach.

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Love Revolution Now Global Conference in Fall 2020

An opportunity for leaders in the Movement from around the world to gather, influence one another, and receive a fresh infilling of God’s amazing love! As Jesus restores His One Command to His church, it becomes increasingly important for leaders to share vision, strategies and tools with one another as they lead US ALL in a growing revival of love and unity!

Grow the Love Fund

There are so many opportunities to bless people and communities in the name of love. Without adequate resources, Gaylord and his team have been unable to say yes to many of these, but together we can make it happen! Just a few examples include:

  • Rwanda wants Love Revolution Now seminars in the unreached western region of the country.

  • There are countries that would “turn in a day” if 20,000 copies of Love Revolution could be distributed in their native tongue

  • Record the seminar in the U.S. for broadcast in Iran

  • Pursue current invitations for seminars in several northeastern states

  • Spanish and Kinyarwanda (Rwanda) versions of Love Revolution (book)

Will you prayerfully consider giving towards this mission today? Together, with the power of the Holy Spirit, we can continue to fan into flame this revolution of love!

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