"For ten years, I’ve envisioned a revolutionary movement of ordinary people devoted to living a life of love—just as Jesus has loved us! The launch of Love Revolution Now is the starting point for our part in that movement." - Gaylord Enns

Love Revolution Now is a movement of ordinary people committed to loving one another as Jesus loves us. In September 2016 we hosted our launch event and Game Changer seminar.  Check out testimonials, photos, and a recap from the event.  

Interested in hosting a Game Changer seminar or learn more about past events?

Love Revolution: Book

Get ready! Love Revolution will rock your world. With its story-telling style, it gently pulls you in—but by the time you finish the last chapter, chances are you will be part of this revolution.


Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership Network was founded by Gaylord Enns in 2003 to facilitate ministry to pastors and next-generation leaders around the world with the message of Jesus.

Gaylord & Patti Enns

Gaylord and Patti Enns have served in full-time Christian ministry for over forty years. He wrote Love Revolution to change the world with the message of Jesus.  He now focuses on starting the Love Revolution